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Paid Social

Generate sales online, get more traffic to your website, or more phone calls to your business with data-based and optimized Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube ads. Paid social campaigns create a memorable online social media presence that builds relationships, authority, trust, and loyalty to your brand.

Users are sent targeted Facebook adverts based on their profile information, geography, and demographics. Numerous of these choices are only accessible on Facebook. Following the creation of your advertisement, you establish a budget and place a bid for each click or every thousand impressions.
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Snapchat ads are 10-second full-screen vertical videos that show up in between watching friends' stories. People can swipe up to interact with your ad. As the advertiser, you can set the swipe up to link to a website, have them watch a longer video, read an article, or install an app.
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Facebook and Instagram


Traffic Campaign

Send more people to a destination such as a website or app. Ads serve directly in Facebook and Instagram feeds creating a user friendly experience.

Custom Audience Target

Upload your existing customer list and target them directly on Facebook and Instagram. Ads serve directly in Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Local Awareness

Promote business locations to people who are nearby. Ads serve directly in Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Engagement Campaign

Campaign designed to drive engagements with your ad. Engagements include things like comments, shares, and event responses.


Target previous website visitors on Facebook and Instagram.

Leads Campaign

Facebook campaign where users fill out a form directly within the ad allowing a business to follow up.

Boosted Post

Get more people to see and engage with your post or page. Boosting a post is a quick and easy way to show your content to people who might be interested and grow your audience.

Instagram Display

Instagram ads appear in a bold, linear format at the center of visual inspiration. A variety of creative formats are available including photo, video, carousel and lead ads.

bare pixel icons

Build your page audience by getting more likes. 

Drive traffic to your website.

Create engaging ads that include your videos.

Reach people that are located around you. 

Bring your business to life

Advertise multiple services, products or promotions without having to create multiple ads. 

Get contact info to follow up with customers. 


Reach over 750 million professionals on the world’s largest professional network.

Drive website traffic, build awareness & generate higher-quality leads with LinkedIn Ads. Maximize B2B growth with personalized ads on the #1 platform for B2B lead generation. 

With LinkedIn, you’re targeting a quality audience in a professional context. Market to influencers, decision-makers and executives who act on new opportunities.

Reach and engage a professional audience in the LinkedIn feed.

Engage your audience with LinkedIn messaging




Twitter Ads are the perfect complement to organic content strategy. The promoted, paid content will appear as Promoted Ads and/or Follower Ads — all exposed to a broad audience of your choice for increased exposure and visibility. 

Maximize your ad’s reach. Pay for: impressions (cost per 1,000 Tweet impressions)

Get people to take action in your app. Pay for: app clicks (cost per app click)

Get people to watch your video. Pay for: video view (cost per view)

Pair your ad with premium content. Pay for: views on your pre-roll (cost per view)

Get more people to install your app. Pay for: impressions (recommended) or app clicks.

Drive traffic to your website. Pay for: link clicks (cost per click)

Get more people to engage with your Tweet. Pay for: engagements (cost per engagement)

Build a larger audience for your brand. Pay for: follows (cost per follow)


Reach the Majority of Millennials and Gen Z with Snapchat ads.

Become part of Snapchatters’ everyday conversations with full-screen digital ads that inspire action from the people who matter most to your business.

A full screen ad that can be used for many objectives. 

Branded tiles that live in Snapchat’s Discover section. Generate excitement around your brand or latest collection with a series of 3 – 20 single image or video ads.




TikTok is the leading short-form video platform where realness is celebrated and trends are born. A place where brands of all sizes and industries can be seen, grow their following, foster global connections and achieve big results.


Reach and engage a professional audience in the LinkedIn feed.

Engage your audience with LinkedIn messaging